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Point Blur (Partial blur)


这是最好的应用程序模糊照片。这将使您的照片图像的某些部分模糊。非常简单和方便的照片编辑。- - 特征 - -- 这将获得像专业摄影师的背景模糊效果。- 这将模糊您的照片图像的一部分或全部。- 这将用于模糊图片的不需要的部分。- 使用友好的用户界面非常简单。
- - 如何使用 - -- 从相册或图库加载图像。- 选择要使用模糊,三角形或像素化(马赛克)的照片效果。- 使用模糊图像画笔或照片效果画笔模糊和添加效果照片的任何部分。- 更改模糊画笔的大小以适合您的使用。- 更改您使用的效果的水平。- 分享到facebook,instagram喜欢你想要或保存。
---特点,2 ---- 浅焦点照片在图象的背景中。- 模糊图片的不需要的部分。- 模糊图像背景效果。- 使用画笔模糊你想要的地方。- 在社交网络上自由分享。-Blur或像素化(全部或部分)。
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Facebook,Instagram,Twitter等SNS迷离照片editor.blur photo.blur image.blur背景
■实际测试-Nexus 5X(Google:Android版本6)-Nexus 5(Google:Android版本5.1.1)-Xperia Z3(SONY:Compact SO-02G(Android版本4.4.4)-GALAXYSⅢα(三星:Android版本4.1.1)-GALAXYSⅡ(三星:Android版本2.3.3)

--- 英语 ---This is best app for blur photos.This will blur some part of your photo image.Very simple and convenient photo editing.
--- Features ---- This will get the background blur effect like professional photographer.- This will blur some part or all of your photo image.- This will used to blur the unwanted part of your picture.- Very simple to use with friendly user interface.
--- How to use ---- Load image from album or library.- Choose the photo effect you want to use blur, triangle or Pixelation(mosaic).- Use the blur image brush or photo effect brush to blur and add effect any part of the photo.- Change the size of the blur brush to fit your use.- Change the level of the effect you use.- Share on facebook, instagram like you want or save.
--- Features,2 ---- Shallow focus photo in the background of the image.- Blur the unwanted part of your picture.- Blur image background effect.- Use brush to blur where you want.- Share freely on social network.-Blur or pixelation ( All or part ).
Have fun using Point Blur.
--- Safe social networking ---It is also useful for example, when you want to up the photos to SNS.Face and car license plate, you can blur the name etc.Protect the privacy.
It is very simple app.This app is all free.
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Facebook、Instagram、twitter、etc SNSblur photo editor.blur photo.blur image.blur background
■Actual test-Nexus 5X ( Google:Android version 6)-Nexus 5 ( Google:Android version 5.1.1)-Xperia Z3 ( SONY:Compact SO-02G(Android version 4.4.4)-GALAXYSⅢα( Samsung:Android version 4.1.1)-GALAXYSⅡ (Samsung:Android version 2.3.3)
Been checked only.Although there is scheduled to go to increase the check actual future,It does not have to check the operation of the other models.Please use after acknowledging.
Blur and Pixelation and mosaic and naturally hide app( Whole and part )Save & Share on social network SNS